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Car Rental Denmark

Get the most out of your trip to Denmark with a rental car. We have rental stations in many locations in Denmark and provide both short-term and long-term car rental from budget options to luxury cars. Renting a car in Denmark lets you enjoy the flexibility and security of having your own vehicle, and the Danish roads are a pleasure to explore. 


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Hassle-free car hire 

Booking a rental car on our website is easy and lets you choose the extra equipment and options you need- including extra driver, extra insurance, or children's seats. Choose between a wide range of cars from small, budget-friendly city cars to station wagons, vans, or sports cars. The cars in our Danish fleet are 3 months old on average, so you will be enjoying a new, high-quality vehicle when you rent a car in Denmark.

Flexible car rental from multiple Danish locations

Denmark is a relatively small country, and we have many pick-up locations in airports, the biggest harbor towns, and all larger cities eg. Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, and Esbjerg. So no matter where your Denmark trip takes you, you will find a rental location close by, making the logistics of car rental in Denmark smooth and easy. You can, of course, pick up and return your rental car at different locations, if your trip eg. starts in Copenhagen and ends in Aarhus.

Driving in Denmark

Renting a car is the easiest way to travel the country and enjoy all that Denmark has to offer. The country has a well-developed road network, and due to its small size, you can easily drive from the far northern Skagen to the southernmost tip in Gedser within a day. Furthermore, you are never more than 50 km away from the coast, brimming with white sand beaches. So bring your swimwear and a towel, if you are in Denmark in the summertime - or if you are brave enough to try a chilly winter bath like the Vikings.

Let your rental car take you off the beaten track

Apart from motorways that connect most larger cities and let you travel effectively across the country, Denmark also offers a network of charming country roads that will truly make the drive as enjoyable as the destination. Follow the brown signs with the daisy flower to experience the most beautiful of them. These are called the "Marguerite Route" and count a total of 3600 km of beautiful country road running past 200 of the most important sights in Denmark. You can learn more about the Marguerite Route at tourist agencies around Denmark.

Rent a car and enjoy all that Denmark has to offer

Most people traveling to Denmark spend the majority of their time in the capital of Copenhagen, maybe with a detour around Aarhus or Legoland in Billund. These are destinations with a lot to see, but Denmark has much more to offer. If you rent a car in Denmark, you will be able to enjoy unique experiences off the beaten track. Denmark is both safe and easy to travel, also outside of the popular tourist destinations, so don't hesitate to drive on a Danish adventure of unexpected experiences.

When in Denmark - do as the Danes

Many Danes leave the larger cities during the holidays to go to smaller coastal towns or one of Denmark's many beautiful islands. Here, life is lived at a slower pace, nature is close by, and days can be spent strolling cobblestone roads in charming villages, tanning on the beach, or taking in some of Denmark's many historical and cultural sites, scattered across the small country.

Do as the Danes and wander away from the main cities and attractions for some authentic, local life and holiday atmosphere. Drive to the charming northernmost town of Skagen, where two oceans meet and Danish artists have gathered for centuries to enjoy the famous, special lighting. Experience the unique shallow waters of the Wadden Sea and the traditions of the islands of Rømø, Fanø, and Manø or visit the home town of fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen, Odense, today a bustling city and the 3. largest in Denmark. You could even bring your rental car with you to Bornholm, an isolated island and popular holiday destination off the coast of Sweden famed for its natural beauty, cliffs, charming towns, and restaurants of international quality.

If you are based in Zealand, a true summer holiday atmosphere can be experienced on "the Danish Riviera", the northeastern coast of Zealand, where charming coastal towns and beautiful beaches are scattered along the coast and attract thousands of Copenhageners during the warm summer months.

Denmark offers so much to see and experience and if you want to cover the most possible sights in a short time, renting a car is your best option.

Car rental in Denmark and around the world

We are partnered with Sixt, a renowned international car hire company with car rental offices in most larger cities in more than 100 countries around the world. We pride ourselves on our friendly service, the best price guarantee, and a large fleet of quality vehicles. When booking your car rental in Denmark through Sixt, we guarantee low rates with no hidden costs, free cancellation and reservation changes when paying on arrival, and no credit card fees.

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