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Terms & Conditions for

Danish Car Rental Denmark A/S

Revision date November 2021

The renter and any additional drivers accept the following by signing the rental agreement:


1) The renter is obliged to return the vehicle and all associated equipment at the agreed time and place as stated in the lease. The rental agreement only covers the specified period and can only be extended by written confirmation from the lessor. Failure to return the vehicle at the agreed time and place falls under section 293 of the Criminal Code (theft of the vehicle).

2) Vehicles returned outside opening hours are considered returned at the first coming opening hour of the branch. The renter is liable for any damages and losses which might occur until opening hours if the vehicle is checked for damages within two hours of the branch first coming opening hour.

3) The vehicle may only be driven by the renters and additional drivers who are listed in the rental agreement. Temporary Danish driving licenses are accepted in combination with the presentation of a valid passport. The validity of the temporary driving license must correspond to the rental period and foreign temporary driving licenses will not be accepted.

4) The rented vehicle may be exempt from Danish registration taxes in case renter has stated a foreign home address in conjunction with the rental agreement. If this is the case, the vehicle may not be driven by people who are living or residing in Denmark. Renter is explicitly made aware, that in these cases, excessive costs may occur, if the vehicle is driven by people not registered on the rental agreement, and that renter shall reimburse lessor for any loss in this connection.

5) The rental agreement must be always carried in the vehicle and changes to the terms in the agreement are invalid unless agreed in writing. Moreover, lessor may terminate the agreement without prior justification and without notice.

6) Lessor reserves the right to take the vehicle into possession at any time at renter’s cost if the vehicle is used in violation of the terms and conditions.

7) Lessor is not responsible for private property that is damaged, lost or forgotten during or after the rental.

8) Renter is obliged to keep lessor updated on his address and credit card information for the duration of the rental period.

9) Renter must physically attend a Danish Sixt office if the payment method needs to be updated.

10) Lessor will, in the event of changes to payment cards as well as certain extensions of rental agreements, be forced to close the current contract and start a new contract. A renewed authorization on renter's credit card will be obtained in this connection.

11) If the police or other public authority assesses that the vehicle has been used for illegal or inappropriate purposes during the rental period, they can easily confiscate the vehicle without renter being entitled to a replacement vehicle or financial compensation. Any transport is at renter's expense. The authorities are authorized to drive the vehicle upon withdrawal.

12) In connection with and in addition to these terms and conditions, renter confirms as a sworn statement, that renter and additional drivers have not previously undertaken reckless driving or other severe offenses of the road traffic act. Renter is especially made aware, that renter is due to reimburse lessor for any loss in case the vehicle is impounded and/or confiscated based on reckless driving during the rental period.

13) If renter chooses to subscribe for Pay-by-plate or similar subscriptions, renter is obliged to unsubscribing from these upon delivery of the vehicle and to bear all costs associated therewith.


The vehicle

14) Renter confirms that the vehicle is received in good and legal condition. Any complaint about the condition of the vehicle must be addressed to Lessor immediately upon handover. In the case of warning lights, service-lights, suspicious sounds or the like renter must inform Lessor and follow Lessors instructions.

15) Existing damages will be registered on the rental agreement upon pick up. Renter accepts to inform Lessor within 2 hours from pick-up provided that this list is not complete or inaccurate.

16) Lessor has taken all precaution to avoid mechanical failure of the vehicle. In case such failure should occur, Lessor cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage, neither direct nor consequential.

17) The vehicle is delivered fully fueled. Renter accepts the responsibility of adding fuel, water, and oil during the rental period.

18) The vehicle may not be used to:

a) Carry passengers or property for payment, directly or indirectly, unless Renter has the necessary permissions.

b) Drive outside solid roads.

c) Motorsports events, driving lessons or test-drives in any form.

d) Transport property which may cause unusual smells or wear.

e) Transport dogs or others household pets.

f) Driving by persons illegally influenced by alcohol, narcotics, or medicine.

g) Driving in the following countries: Great Britain, Belarus, Iceland, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia and Slovenia.

19) The rented vehicle may be owned by Lessor’s financing partners.

20) Towing of trailers is only allowed if the vehicle is equipped with a tow bar, and in these cases only in compliance with the vehicle’s maximum towing weight.

21) Certain cars in Sixt are equipped by the manufacturer with remote services, also called ConnectedDrive or Connected cars. Lessor has no authority to disable or reset these services and will therefore discourages any use of them. In this connection, renter is made aware that any use and subsequent uninstallation is at the renter's own responsibility.

 22) Sixt cars may have tracking equipment installed or otherwise be prepared for lessor to process location data. These data are exclusively used in anonymized form or in cases, where Sixt needs to locate the vehicle, for example in connection with damages, requests from the authorities, or breach of the terms and conditions in the rental agreement.

23) Winter tires are offered as an add-on from 01/11 to 31/03. Lessor is not responsible should renter violate other countries’ legislation on winter tires. Nor is Lessor responsible for any resulting costs.



24) An approval equivalent to the expected rental price with addition to an amount from as stated below will be obtained on the selected payment method upon collection of the vehicle:

a) Cargroups starting with M, E or C: 2.500 DKK

b) Cargroups starting with F, I, P or S: 3.500 DKK

c) Cargroups starting with L: 4.500 DKK

d) Cargroups starting with X: 11.00 DKK

e) Cargroups starting with A, B or V: 3.000 DKK

25) Renter and additional drivers explicitly accept their personal responsibility to pay:

a) Rates and taxes according to the rental agreement and Danish law.

b) All charges and legal costs for any congestion charge, road traffic, parking or any other offence involving the rental vehicle, including costs from the vehicle being clamped, seized or towed away. Renter is ultimately responsible for paying the appropriate authority or company for any charges and costs when they ask for these payments. To reduce the risk of a fine escalating to a higher stage, Lessor may choose to pay the authority or company in full during the earlier stages to settle the matter at own discretion. In such cases, Renter will be responsible for paying any such amount to Lessor with an addition of administration charges of 375 DKK incl. VAT for dealing with these matters.

c) Lessor’s expenses for repair, towing or replacement of the vehicle in case of damage or theft during the rental period. Renter accepts that damages are charged according to prices in Forsi, which is an evaluation tool used by insurance companies in Denmark. Lessor is entitled to charge the repair cost and postpone the repair day to suit lessor as the lessor can choose at the sale point to lower the sales price instead of repair. In conjunction with the damage handling, Lessor will send a complete assessment report to Renter.

d) Lessor’s expense for providing an extra key or replacing the master key should this be lost.

e) Missing fuel at return time. If the vehicle is not fully fueled at return and Renter has not chosen fueling service at the start of the rental, Lessor will charge the fuel price and a service charge – in total DKK 29 incl. VAT per liter. Unused prepaid fuel will not be refunded.

26) Prepaid reservations are paid in Euro. Lessor will not be liable for any loss caused by the exchange rate from the renter’s bank.

27) In case Renter disputes the debited amount through his credit card company, Sixt will invoice the costs in this connection to Renter. The mentioned costs are payment to credit card provider and administrative costs in connection with processing of the case. If Renter’s dispute is approved, the charged amount cording to this point will be credited.

28) The agreed rental period is binding for all rentals.

a) For flexible rentals shorter than 60 days, Renter will be invoiced an amount up to 50% of the remaining rental amount, unless Renter has made such agreement with Lessor in advance.

b) For prepaid rentals, unused rental days are not subject to refund

c) For all types of rentals applies, that a late return fee will be applied in case the vehicle is returned more than 2 hours later than the agreed time. This fee is added as a supplement to rental costs for the extra period.

29) The vehicle shall be returned at the agreed location. If the vehicle is returned at another Sixt location than stated on the rental agreement, Renter will be invoiced a changing fee in addition to a one-way fee (if such applies).

30) Renter and additional drivers are always personally and jointly responsible for the above obligations, regardless of any invoicing address on the rental agreement.


31) No repairs to the vehicle may be done without permission from Lessor. In case of missing permission any costs for transport or repair expenses will not be refunded.

32) In case of any refund Lessor reserves the right to refund the credit card used for payment. This applies regardless of the reason for the refund.

33) Smoking is prohibited in all Sixt vehicles. In case there has been smoked or the vehicle is returned in particularly dirty condition Sixt will charge a fee for extra cleaning. Fee for smoking is 2.500 DKK incl. VAT and fee for extra cleaning in the vehicle starts from 500 DKK incl. VAT regardless of protection coverage.

34) All signs, stickers etc. are not to be removed from the vehicle. If the stickers, key rings, or signs are removed, a fee of up to 1.875 DKK incl. VAT will apply. In addition, the renter is liable for any fines following a removed CVR number from vans or missing parking discs.

35) If a rented GPS/Navigation is lost, damaged or broken a fee of 2.500 DKK incl. VAT will apply regardless of protection coverage.

36) Renter is informed of and accepts all other administration fees

Insurance and protection

37) Certain insurances signed in connection with this rental agreement are placed in the insurance company IF P&C and IF Liv with Lessor and renter as insured.

38) In case of damage or theft, the excess will be charged according to Danish law and deprivation days will be added to a maximum of 29 days. The cost of repair days is between 283 DKK to 607 DKK incl. VAT per day and the total cost for excess and deprivation days may not exceed 15.000 DKK.

39) The excess and deprivation days is calculated per insurance event.

40) The excess can be reduced by acceptance of additional protection. Such agreement must be made in writing on the rental agreement before it is commencement.

a) The cost of excess and deprivation days is reduced to 0 DKK for 1 - 29 day’s rentals and DKK 1.000 for +30-day rentals in case Super Top Cover LDW (BF) is accepted.

b) The cost of excess and deprivation days is reduced to a total of 3.000 DKK in case Top Cover LDW (BE) is accepted.

41) The above protection does not cover transport expenses or expenses for repairs on tire or glass and renter has been offered separate coverage for these.

42) Renter confirms that protection to reduce the above deductibles have been offered. Renter furthermore confirms that insurances for coverage of transportation costs (BC), costs for damages on glass and tires (TG), and a personal accident insurance (I) has been offered.

43) The protection does not cover the renter’s personal belongings or persons in the vehicle unless a separate protection has been explicitly accepted.

44) In case the Personal Accident Protection (I) has been accepted, up to 6 persons in the vehicle are covered as follows in case permanent injury is more than 5%:

a) Death – compensation DKK 120.000 per adult and DKK 50.000 per child.

b) Permanent injury – compensation DKK 1.000.000 per person at 100% permanent injury.

c) Dental injury – compensation up to DKK 25.000 per person for reasonable and necessary expenses.

d) If the Personal Accident Protection incl. Baggage (J) has been accepted the following is also covered:

     i. Baggage/luggage in connection with traffic accident – compensation DKK 20.000 per damage.

    ii. Electronics, art and similar special objects – compensation DKK 10.000 per object.

   iii. Jewelry, cash and other special valuables are not covered.

45) Renter is obligated to cover any expenses for damage repairs or towing for incidents caused by intent or gross negligence by either renter or other drivers regardless of any protection. Under this clause falls – but not exclusively – misfuelling, ignoring warning lights, suspicious sounds etc. from the vehicle.


46) Renter accepts his obligation to protect Lessor’s interests in case of damage or other insurance-related incidents by:

a) Notifying Lessor immediately in case of damage.

b) Providing names and addresses of all involved parties and potential witnesses.

c) Not acknowledging responsibility or liability.

d) Not leaving the vehicle without acceptable safety precautions.

e) Immediately notifying the police if the liability of another party is to be determined or in the case of personal injury

f) Filling in a damage report immediately upon Lessor’s request.

Refraining from the above will result in loss of protection coverage.



47) Renter will be charged the full excess if the original key is lost and the vehicle is stolen regardless of any protection coverage. Furthermore, renter is in these cases subject to regress from IF insurance in case it is estimated that renter has been acting with intent or negligence. The key must be kept safe and renter must inform Lessor as soon as the key is realized missing.

Rentals with more than 30 days duration

48) For rentals with a duration longer than 30 days the following also applies:

a) All rentals which are booked via has binding period equivalent to the length of the rental. If the vehicle is being returned before agreed time, renter will be held economically responsible and be charged in full for the remaining period. For all other rentals applies, that in case renter returns the vehicle in the first 30 days of the rental, the agreed monthly rate will be discharged. Instead, Renter will be charged for the actual renting period (1-29 days) cording to Lessors retail price at the day of vehicle return.

b) In case of nonpayment or authorization a fee of 350 DKK incl. VAT will be charged per vain attempt of achievement.

c) Renter is obligated to attend to the vehicle during the rental period. This obligation includes ensuring that motor-oil and other necessary fluids are in a correct level. Sixt will, by prior appointment, pay for workshop costs in this connection and renter will not receive compensation for inconvenience or additional driven kilometers.

d) Renter is informed that the vehicle must be replaced upon request from Lessor. Renter has no right to compensation for any inconvenience and extra mileage driven. When renter receives an inquiry from Lessor the vehicle must be replaced within 7 days on an agreed Sixt branch. If this time limit is exceeded a fee of 350 DKK per day incl. VAT, or Lessor’s cost in connection with the missing replacement, in addition to the rental charge until the vehicle is delivered to a SiXT station, is imposed. Lessor explicitly advised that delayed delivery of certain vehicles may result in very high costs of taxes and costs.

e) The renter must cover all the lessor’s costs of the exceeded date, including overdue fees, taxes and charges. Lessor explicitly advised that delayed delivery of campaign vehicles can result in very high costs of taxes and costs.


f) The rental agreement price can be adjusted by Lessor with a 30-day notice.

49) Lessor can stop the rental if renter is not paying the agreed rental amount or not keep up with service of the vehicle (motor oil or other required fluids being in the right quantity) significant neglect of the agreement or vehicle.

Use of Personal Information


50) Sixt protects your privacy and will therefore always process your personal data in accordance with applicable personal data legislation and other relevant legislation. See SIXT’s personal data policy at


51) The rental agreement shall be interpreted according to Danish laws and exclusive jurisdiction is Copenhagen.

Statement of Truth – Driving in violation of Law concerning Reckless Driving


Renter hereby states as a statement of truth by signing the rental agreement, that Renter will not drive the rented vehicle in violation to Law concerning reckless driving (L127).


Renter furthermore states as a statement of truth, by signing the rental agreement, that Renter hasn´t been convicted and/or penalized for reckless driving, or any gross misdemeanor according to Traffic Law, whether in Denmark or other countries. For instance, repeatedly misdemeanors, misdemeanors resulting in revocation of driving license or punishment by jail.


Renter accepts and understands, that the Renter is obliged to inform Danish Car Rental and our partner Sixt immediately, if Renter during the rental period is charged with violation of Law concerning reckless driving (L127), even if it wasn´t in the rented vehicle. Our partner Sixt is within its right to terminate the rental agreement without any compensation, and the rented vehicle must be returned immediately. 


Renter also states as a statement of truth, that any additional driver meets the above and am informed of his or her obligation to immediately inform both Danish Car Rental and our Partner Sixt, if the Renter becomes aware, that an additional driver has been charged with a violation of Law concerning reckless driving (L127), even if it wasn´t in the rented vehicle.  Danish Car Rental and our partner Sixt is within its rights, to remove the additional driver from the rental agreement without any compensation. 


If a violation of Law concerning reckless driving (L127) takes place, the Renter accepts by signing the rental agreement, to be liable for any loss for our Sixt or another owner of the rented vehicle may suffer – including violations of Law concerning reckless driving (L127) made by an additional driver, even if Renter was not aware of the violation.


If a company is to be considered as the Renter, with multiple additional drivers, the Company will replace the Renter, according to this document.


The Renters liability towards our partner Sixt or another owner of the rented vehicle includes the rented vehicle’s full value, and additional loss/costs such as interest, legal costs, administration costs, loss of revenue and any other loss/costs our partner Sixt or another owner of the rented vehicle my suffer. This list is not exhaustive.


By signing the rental agreement and this document, including any extensions of the rental agreement, the Renter accepts and states as a statement of truth, that the Renter has been informed of the Renters obligation to inform Sixt prior to and during the rental period, the regulations, sanctions and liability if violation is made to Law concerning reckless driving (L127).


Law concerning reckless driving (L127), Danish Traffic Law §117 ff.:

(Lov om vanvidskørsel (L127) Færdselsloven § 117 ff):


Violation of Law concerning reckless driving (L127) and result in confiscation and auctioning off of the rented vehicle, regardless of driver/renter/owner relationship. The following is considered reckless driving:


  • Manslaughter under aggravated circumstances

  • Negligent damage to someone’s body or health under aggravated circumstances

  • Gross negligent/reckless driving

  • Exceeding speed limit of 100% or more, when driving more than 100km/h

  • Driving at speeds of 200 km/h and above

  • Driving under the influence measured at 2,00 or above

  • The punishment when racing other cars is now jail instead of a fine, and in addition a revocation of the driving license for a minimum of 3 years after jail time. The punishment for driving 200 km/h or more is jail and revocation of the driving license for a minimum of 3 years

  • It is at any given time the Renters responsibility to stay informed of Danish Law and changes to these, and therefore this document regarding Law concerning reckless driving (L127), Danish Traffic Law §117ff, is only meant as a general information and not a full document. Changes can be made with no warning.

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